Waterproof Wound Dressing

Sterile Film Dressing with Pad

Ideal for protection of wounds such as cuts, minor burns, abrasions and post-operative care. Waterproof – Ideal for bathing and showering. Bacterial Barrier – Seals out dirt and germs. Non-stick Pad – Highly absorbent, cushion protection and low-adherent leaves the wound site clean, comfortable and reducing pain when changing the dressing. Conformable – Highly conformable and does not restrict movement. Breathable

Size | Code

5cm x 7cm | BTFP0507
8cm x 10cm | BTFP0810
10cm x 15cm | BTFP1015
10cm x 25cm | BTFP1025


10pcs x 40boxes / ctn (BTFP0507)
50pcs x 12boxes / ctn (BTFP0810, BTFP1015, BTFP1015)