Vitality Latex Gloves (Powder Free)

Rough or damaged skin can be painful, particularly when you rely on your hands for your job. Coated with a micro layer of natural moisturisers and vitamins, Vitality gloves revitalise your skin while you work. For those at high risk of dermatitis due to repeated wearing of gloves, and in particular for those regularly required to wash their hands, Vitality gloves can make each day more comfortable, allowing you to focus on the tasks at hand.

Better for your skin
The proprietary moisturising coating on our Vitality gloves traps skin moisture during use and reduces visible dryness. Vitality gloves have been independently proven to be better for your hands than standard, non-coated examination gloves.

No detail is too small
These are no ordinary gloves:
– washed inside and out during production for up to 10 times longer than standard gloves, Vitality gloves are cleaner, softer, and more comfortable
– manufactured with specially treated cuffs, Vitality gloves won’t catch on your skin when you put them on or take them off
– treated using the same proprietary processes as the gloves in our Advanced range, Vitality gloves minimise the risks of Type I, Type IV, and irritant allergies
– Individually inspected so only our best gloves make it to the final box, and fully textured across the glove, not just the fingertips, for better grip

Size | Code

Vitality Latex Gloves (Powder Free) Moisturising XS  6.0g (TXXE)  |  GVTXXE001
Vitality Latex Gloves (Powder Free) Moisturising S  6.0g (TXXE)  |  GVTXXE002
Vitality Latex Gloves (Powder Free) Moisturising M  6.0g (TXXE)  |  GVTXXE003
Vitality Latex Gloves (Powder Free) Moisturising L  6.0g (TXXE)  |  GVTXXE004


Each dispenser box contains 100 gloves Each case contains 10 dispenser boxes